The Fat Resistance Diet

The Fat Resistance Diet
The Fat Resistance Diet Weight Loss Program

Reprogram Your Body to Burn Fat Dr. Leo Galland

Effective weight loss is not simply about calories, but about restoring your body’s natural ability to lose weight. The Fat Resistance Diet combines cutting-edge science with tasty foods that help you curb cravings and burn fat by making your own weight loss hormones work better.


Jump Start Your Weight Loss Hormone Leptin

The Fat Resistance Diet is based on scientific breakthroughs published in prestigious medical journals. The main area of research focuses on how the hormone leptin influences your ability to lose excess weight.  Leptin exists naturally in the body and plays a key role in appetite control and metabolism.

You can lose weight by eating gourmet meals that activate your body’s natural weight loss hormone leptin. The Fat Resistance Diet has everything you need to start taking off those extra pounds today.


Satisfy Your Appetite and Eliminate Cravings

The Fat Resistance Diet lets you eat all the delicious, healthy food you could ever want. Pounds will melt away as you enjoy recipes and meal plans that feature:

Fresh whole foods
Omega-3 fats
Phytonutrients, including flavonoids, carotenoids, and lignans
Fiber, both soluble and insoluble
Controlled glycemic load


Discover Delicious New Recipes

The Fat Resistance Diet is unique because it combines advanced weight loss principles with international cuisine. Learn the secret to preparing delicious Italian, Japanese and Indian dishes, as well as food from other countries and American classics. Fresh herbs and spices will not only give your meals amazing flavors, they can help reduce inflammation.  Sweetness comes from fruits and juices with concentrated antioxidants. 

Readers following our plan achieved their weight loss goals, losing 10, 20,  even 100 pounds. Our recipes and meal plans have helped some readers lower cholesterol and blood-pressure and lose belly fat. 

Some of their favorite recipes, such as Black Forest Banana Split and Tuscan Frittata, are included in the free online diet plan. Sign up now for our free online diet plan and start losing weight today!


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