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Eat Strawberries for Summer Weight Loss


Kick Start Summer Weight Loss and Healthy Eating with Strawberries

Sweet and tart strawberries are the perfect way to enjoy the season and are a healthy food to eat to lose weight. These flavorful, juicy berries make a wonderful healthy snack or dessert. Packed with powerful antioxidants strawberries can turn on your fat-burning hormone adiponectin. They can help reduce inflammation and make your weight loss hormone, leptin, do its job of increasing metabolism and curbing cravings. Exciting research now shows that eating strawberries can help control blood sugar, providing nutritional support to help fight diabetes, pre-diabetes or the metabolic syndrome.


strawberries weight lossStrawberries are also a good source of Vitamin C and fiber. One cup of strawberries has only 49 calories, and contains the minerals magnesium, potassium and calcium. Eating high nutrient density foods such as strawberries, with lots of nutrition for the calories consumed, is a key to weight loss and healthy eating. Studies indicate that strawberries may be great brain food, helping to keep the brain young and fit. With these health benefits, it’s no wonder strawberries are highlighted in the recipes of our book, The Fat Resistance Diet.


To get the full health benefits of strawberries, skip the sugar, cream or whipped cream. Just let the natural sweetness of the berries shine through. Look for organic strawberries, which may have higher levels of nutrition according to studies.

Sliced strawberries make a healthy summer treat when added to a smoothie, yogurt, cereal or granola. Keep strawberries in mind when the seasons change. You can still enjoy strawberries when they are not is season by getting organic frozen strawberries. We like to use frozen strawberries as a great starting point for a delicious smoothie. Sweet and delicious, a strawberry smoothie can remind us of a favorite healthy summer treat.



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