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Fat also appears to regulate the processes by which the body burns fuel for energy, especially in muscle. Adiponectin is the newest fat-produced hormone in the scientific spotlight. It also plays a central role in the biology of fat. Of all the adipokines spewed out by fat cells, adiponectin seems to be the most heroic. Recent studies show that adiponectin curbs appetite and sparks the burning of fat, as does leptin. But unlike leptin, chronically overweight people don’t suffer from resistance to the hormone. They have an outright deficiency. A lack of adequate adiponectin is emerging as a significant factor in people’s inability to melt flab and stay slim.When fat stores are low, fat cells secrete adiponectin, a recently discovered adipokine. Adiponectin helps muscle cells burn fuel for energy more effectively. It acts as a kind of super-charger for maintaining strong and active muscles when stored energy reserves are low. When food is not available and fat stores drop, adiponectin rises, helping muscle cells take up more sugar from the blood and also enabling them to burn fat more thoroughly as fuel. As fat stores increase, adiponectin levels drop and the burning of fat as fuel actually becomes less complete.It’s a process that allows the body to store fat in times of plenty as a hedge.

Advice about eating less and exercising more has been a resounding failure. Diets, whether they’re low calorie, low fat or low carbohydrate, all produce initial weight loss but do a lousy job of maintaining leanness. If there’s a way that science can help us undo the damage technology has caused, then understanding and combating leptin resistance may well be the key.

Of all the theories that attempt to explain leptin resistance and suggest a way to reverse it, the one concept that best knits together everything we know about obesity and has the best chance of stopping this epidemic is the proven link between obesity, leptin and INFLAMMATION.




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