The Fat Resistance Diet

Carole Lost 8 Pounds in 10 Days

We are delighted to share with you this inspirational review from a reader of The Fat Resistance Diet:

“At the request of my Dr. I ordered this book. Due to joint replacements and overall health problems I have gradually gained weight. He felt this book would help because the diet addresses the issue of Leptin (a hormone in the brain that helps your body process fat) not functioning in the way it should. Inflammation in the body influences how the Leptin processes fat and if you have a lot of inflammation chances are your Leptin is not functioning like it should be.

I started the diet and 10 days later I had lost 8 lbs. The swelling in my feet and legs was down considerably.

I saw my Dr. for a check-up yesterday and he was thrilled with my progress and so am I. I always thought I ate healthy, but I found out I don't. Now I am learning to with the help of The Fat Resistance Diet.

My husband is following the diet with me and has lost more weight than I have, but he is more active, also.

The meals are good and pretty easy to fix once you get used to chopping up lots of vegetables. The meats are mainly fish and chicken with beef allowed once a week. You eat 8-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. It is a different way of eating and I think a person just has to get their mind wrapped around the fact that they need to eat better or be ill.

The book included daily meal plans and all the recipes. It even has a grocery shopping list.

The Fat Resistance Diet has helped me so much in a short time and I am excited to see how I feel in a month or two.”



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