The Fat Resistance Diet

"The Best!" - Kate’s Five Star Review

"I raised my children on Dr. Galland's first book, Superimmunity for Kids. His advice cured them of asthma, eczema and hyperactivity.


So, I've been waiting for him to write a book on nutrition for us adults. The Fat Resistance Diet is the answer. He has taken the themes that made Superimmunity so compelling and brought them to a higher level, based on all the research of the past ten years.


In fact, everything that he said 20 years ago, which was considered pretty advanced and controversial at the time, has become mainstream, like the importance of omega-3 fats and the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. This is not just a diet for weight loss. It's a diet that helps the immune system and prevents disease.


One of the best parts of this new book is that it deals with environmental issues in addition to nutrition. My own asthma had improved a lot when I followed the same kind of diet I put my kids on after reading Superimmunity for Kids. In The Fat Resistance Diet, he explains the relationship between allergies, diet and environmental toxins in a way that really helped me understand why I once had problems with my weight and with asthma and why my kids were sick.


Another great part of this book is the food. The recipes in here are not only healthy, they are delicious and lots of them are kid-friendly, so they form the basis for terrific family meals."

-- Kate



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