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6 Ways to Supercharge Your Health with Apples


You probably know that apples are good for you, but there are some facts about apples that might surprise you.Six Ways to Supercharge Your Health with Apples

These surprising facts about apples make them one of the healthiest fruits and vegetables available. Did you know that apples can boost detoxification and help fight aging?  That apples may cut cholesterol and can lower risk of diabetes?  I was delighted to discover these facts about  apples when I looked at the health research.


Nutritional Facts about Apples

Here is what I found out about this delicious and versatile fruit. According to the research, apples may help:

Boost Detoxification

The nutritional facts about apples begin here: apples contain vitamin C, fiber, boron and quercetin. Quercetin is great for detoxification, and can also be found in blueberries and onions.

Staying Young

The anti-aging facts about apples are fascinating: apples are a rich source of beneficial antioxidants such as flavonoids.  Antioxidants may help protect against the oxidative stress which is believed to contribute to the aging process and disease.  So the antioxidants in apples may be able to help fight aging and allow us to maintain a youthful appearance.

Cut Cholesterol

Fiber facts about apples: soluble fiber from food sources such as apples produces short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in the intestine. SCFAs can have a number of positive effects such as stimulating healing and nourishing the cells of the large intestine. SCFA’s can help decrease cholesterol levels.

Lower Incidence of Asthma

A study in England found that Apple consumption was associated with a lower incidence of asthma.  The study said  that this result was perhaps due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of apples that could have protective properties with respect to asthma.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Apple consumption was associated with a lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes according to the Women’s Health Study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Apples were the only flavonoid-rich food found to be significantly associated with lowering Type 2 diabetes risk.

Lower Heart Disease Risk

In a study conducted in Finland eating apples was associated with lower incidence of coronary mortality.

Eat the Whole Fruit for the Whole Benefit

The nutrition facts about eating apples is simple. Enjoy the whole fruit (minus the core and seeds), rather than the juice, because apple cider or juice can lack 90-97 percent of the antioxidants found in fresh apples. Naturally, look for organic apples and always wash well.  Of course, if you are allergic to apples, skip this fruit.

These facts about apples are very motivating. When I discovered that by eating apples I could boost detoxification and slow the aging process, I started eating more apples right away!  To optimize the benefits of apples and optimize nutrition, try the breakthrough program in The Fat Resistance Diet.  Our book contains over 100 recipes and six weeks of meal plans that are loaded with the healthiest fruits and vegetables. Recipes featuring apples in our book include favorites such as Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Walnuts and Grandma’s Apple Pancakes.

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