The Fat Resistance Diet

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By now, you may be ready to turn to Part Three and start following the Fat Resistance Diet--and if that's how you feel, go right ahead. The three stages of this eating plan have been carefully designed so that you can simply follow the recipes and meal suggestions without having to think further about what you eat.

But if you, like Lilly, want to know more, read on. I will tell you how I discovered the Fat Resistance Diet, and why I am so certain that it will bring you a lifelong healthy weight.

The story begins almost twenty-five years ago, soon after I started practicing as an internist. I had always been a problem solver--someone who enjoyed looking at a situation and figuring out how to make it better. So when patients began coming to me with problems that other doctors hadn't been able to resolve, I started looking for new solutions.

As I explained in my first book, Superimmunity for Kids, I soon realized that many of the problems I was seeing--from arthritis to asthma--were related to a faulty immune system, which had in turn been impaired by a deficiency of essential fats in the American diet. Most doctors at the time had no knowledge of essential fats, largely because the groundbreaking research on fish oils had not been popularized.

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