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Inflammation is part of your body's response to many different types of stress, including infection and injury. Sometimes inflammation creates visible signs and symptoms: redness, swelling, heat, and pain. Sometimes it's visible only on a cellular level, so that you--and your doctor--may not even be aware that you have it. But it's present more often than you might suspect; in fact, recent research has found two new causes of inflammation--the type of food you eat and excess weight itself.

So, I told Lilly, your body can get caught in a vicious circle. Inflammation disrupts your body's natural weight regulation system. As a result, you gain weight. Then the excess fat creates more inflammation, making the extra weight unusually difficult to lose. That's why, once begun, weight gain often continues. The weight itself is worsening the condition that caused you to put on weight in the first place.

If you've been a lifelong dieter, you've probably noticed this pattern yourself, without realizing what was causing it. Most people don't stabilize at a single unhealthy weight. Unless, like Lilly, they diet and exercise strenuously, they find that their weight has a tendency to increase. Sometimes they succeed in losing a few pounds--but they usually gain back more than they lost.

I'll explain leptin resistance and the link between inflammation and weight gain more fully in Chapter 2. For now, understand this: your weight problem is not a matter of will or discipline, but a chemical imbalance that, once corrected, holds the key to permanent weight loss. The good news is that this imbalance can be fairly easy to correct, simply by changing the foods you eat.

Once you make this change--adding the right fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and protein sources, and cutting back on sugar and unhealthy fats--you'll notice a remarkable change. Not only will you feel better and look better and find the pounds dropping almost effortlessly, but you'll also stop craving unhealthy foods. Most diets are based on what you can't have. In contrast the Fat Resistance Diet is based on a philosophy of fulfillment, providing your palate with all the tasty, delicious, and satisfying food you could ever want. True, burgers and fries are not on the Fat Resistance Diet, but once your taste buds are reawakened and your body reenergized, "fulfillment" takes on a new meaning. You won't feel hungry, and you won't even feel as if you're on a diet. I know, because I myself eat this way, and it's very satisfying. I'm able to say those magic words that everyone wishes were true: I eat whatever I want, and I never gain weight. If you follow the Fat Resistance Diet, within a few weeks, you'll be saying them, too.


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